Legislative Information Found on the NCSL Site Organized By State

February 17, 2011

If you are interested in learning more information about various medical malpractice lawsuits by state there are some online resources that you can turn to. The laws pertaining to the case of a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer won't necessarily be the same laws that a lawyer in another state must learn and adhere to.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) maintains full documentation and compiled information taken from medical liability and medical malpractice lawsuits across the country. This agency has a website with detailed charts outlining this information organized by state. You can also view a state-by-state comparison of malpractice and liability laws broken down by state on their site.

Some of the information illustrated by this site includes damage awards or caps set by state. These are the dollar amount that someone can be awarded for a liability or malpractice lawsuit. While some states do not have a damage award cap, other states do set a dollar amount as a maximum amount of money that can be awarded in a lawsuit.

This resource will also provide you with statute of limitation laws governing over how long a person has to file a medical liability or medical malpractice lawsuit from the time in which the incident occurred. Some states have very short statues of limitations when it comes to filing a lawsuit while other states allow more time to pass before the statute of limitations has been reached.

This site will also provide you with information about joint and several liability. Currently, there are 28 jurisdictions that allow for joint and several liability. There are 17 jurisdictions that currently have several liability. Then there are a couple of jurisdictions that have modified joint or modified several liability.

The NCSL also posts information about limits on attorney fees by state. This information will inform you of just how much money your attorney can legally take from the amount of money that you were awarded as their fee. This resource also contains detailed information about patient compensation or injury funds broken down by state along with the most recent legislation that has been passed by your state regarding this matter.

Finally, you can access information regarding the laws your state has with regard to the expert witness standards that are enforced and the usage of medical or peer review panels that may be called during your case should it go to trial. There are laws that must be adhered to with the involvement of third parties in your case.

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