Sample Results obtained by Attorney Jason M. Kroot

Here are just some of the results Chicago trial lawyer Jason M. Kroot has returned:

Medical Malpractice - Chicago, Illinois

$16.3 Million – Patient suffered brain damage from anesthesia error during surgery.  (Record result at time in jurisdiction) 

Labor And Delivery Malpractice - Chicago, Illinois

$7.25 Million - Baby suffered brain damage during the delivery and post-delivery period. (Record result at time in jurisdiction) 

Surgical Error - Chicago, Illinois

$5 Million - Patient with preexisting spinal cord damage suffered further cord damage from cervical procedure, resulting in partial paralysis. 

Birth Injury - Chicago, Illinois

$2.5 Million – Baby suffers brain damage from meconium aspiration during delivery.

Preeclampsia Death Case - Chicago, Illinois

$5.5 Million - Mother died after delivery from complications related to preeclampsia. 

Bowel Obstruction - Chicago, Illinois
$2.85 Million - Child died in the hospital from a bowel obstruction.  (Record result at time in jurisidction) 
Auto Accident - Chicago, Illinois

$1 Million – Driver injured during collision on Chicago area expressway.

Wrongful Death - Chicago, Illinois

$900,000 – Infant dies after birth from labor & delivery complications.

Premises Liability - Chicago, Illinois

$750,000 - Condo owner injured by swinging door in garbage chute area.

Sexual Assault Case - Chicago, Illinois

$425,000 - child sexually assaulted by a church member in church. 

Failure to Diagnose - Chicago, Illinois

$750,000 - Patient suffers heart attack after doctor sends patient home with signs of heart attack.

Falling Merchandise - Chicago, Illinois

$650,000 – Customer injured by falling merchandise at a warehouse store.

Nursing Home Liability - Chicago, Illinois

$350,000 – Alzheimer patient wandered off from nursing home premises.

Motorcycle Accident - Chicago, Illinois

$225,000 – Motorcyclist and passenger injured when rear ended by car.

Product Liability - Chicago, Illinois

$175,000 – Bicyclist injured when front forks broke.

Legal Malpractice - Chicago, Illinois

$305,000 - Lawyers mishandle an auto case involving knee injury.

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