Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyer Chicago

Given their shear weight of trucks compared to most vehicles, accidents involving large trucks, including semi-trucks, can result in serious injury or death. Although the investigation of any accident is important, this is especially true with trucking accidents. As discussed below, there are many sources of evidence that can be used establish fault in truck accident cases.

Evidence In Trucking Accidents

Many of these trucks have “black boxes,” which typically records data on the how truck was being operated before, during, and after the collision. Other important information in trucking cases includes photographs of the accident, the truck maintenance records, the driver’s log, and any prior violations of the law by the trucking company or driver. Accident lawyers experienced in truck accident cases know how to obtain this evidence and use to establish negligence.

Potential Defendants in Truck Accidents

All too often, truck accidents occur because of another’s negligence. In addition to the driver of the truck, other potential defendants may include the trucking company, the owner of the truck, the truck manufacturer, and/or other drivers who may have contributed to the accident. Depending upon the unique facts of each case, there may be other potential defendants who are responsible for the accident.

Choosing a Truck Accident Lawyer in Chicago

In deciding how to proceed, it is critical to choose a truck accident lawyer with the knowledge, skill, and dedication to effectively prosecute your case. Chicago personal injury and accident lawyer Jason M. Kroot has successfully prosecuted many complex tort cases, including those involving truck accidents. In the event you or loved was serious injured by a large truck in Illinois, we invite you to contact Chicago truck accident lawyer Jason M. Kroot for a free consultation.

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