Medical Malpractice For Failure To Diagnose Or Treat Intussusception

An intussusception occurs when part of the intestine telescopes into itself.   The most common abdominal emergency in children, intussusception is a potential deadly condition if not timely diagnosed and treated.   Failing to do this may constitute medical malpractice.   If you suspect someone you care about was seriously harmed or died from an intussusception due to a medical mistake, it is important to consult a medical malpractice lawyer skilled in prosecuting complex tort cases.

Intussusception is the most common form of intestinal blockage in infants who are between six months and thirty-six months of age.   The signs and symptoms of intussuception may include abdominal pain, drawing legs up, vomiting, and/or lethargy.   Some patients experience or demonstrate no obvious pain.  Others have intermittent pain.   However, simply because a patient has no clear sign of abdominal pain does not rule out the possibility of intussusception.

If a physician suspects the possibility of an intussusception, the physician will typically order films.  The most common films order is an ultrasound or plain film.   If timely diagnosed, surgery may not be necessary.   Up to 95% of intussusception patients respond to an enema.  After a successful non-operative reduction is performed for intussusception, a small percentage of patients will develop a recurrence of the condition.   Even when this occurs, surgery may still be unnecessary.  The risk of recurrence after surgery is virtually non-existent.

If surgery becomes necessary, the procedure is almost always successful when performed in a timely and proper manner.  Surgery involves resection of a portion of the bowel. Failing to perform this procedure timely and/or properly can constitute medical malpractice.  

Whether a patient’s injury or death from an intussusception is a result of medical malpractice can be a difficult question.    A knowledgeable and experienced medical malpractice lawyer can assist in determining whether an injury or death from intussusception happened because of a preventable medical mistake or whether it occurred through no fault of the physicians.    For further information, you may contact the lawyers at Kroot Law, LLC for a free consultation.

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