Articles on Personal Injury

Articles related to personal injury in the state of Illinois, including auto cases, slip and falls, and products liability.

Punitive Damages in Death Cases

Unlike compensatory damages, which are designed to compensate, punitive damages are intended to punish the offender and deter similar misconduct. Punitive damages are reserved only for the most egregious cases. *** However, in many states like Illinois, punitive damages are generally unavailable if the victim dies.

McDonald's Coffee Case

The McDonald’s coffee case is arguably the most often cited example of a “frivolous lawsuit.” *** However, what makes this case fascinating is what the media failed to report — information which may paint a very different picture.

Ford Pinto Case

First introduced in 1971, the Ford Pinto was vehicle sold in North America with a deadly design defect. *** Ford’s accountants (or “bean counters”) determined the costs of fixing the design defect was greater than the costs of paying out expected wrongful death suits. [Mother Jones]

Three Critical Disputes In Illinois Auto Accident Cases

This article examines each of the three critical disputes and the proof requirements that can make or break your Illinois auto accident case.

Roselawn, Indiana Plane Crash of American Eagle Flight 4184

Background on Roselawn, Indiana plane crash involving American Eagle Flight 4184 plane crash in Roselawn, Indiana, the lawsuit that ensued, and the safety changes that followed.

Choosing the Right Airplane Accident Lawyer

This article discusses the importance of choosing the right airplane accident attorney for you.

Illinois Auto Accidents: 10 Things NOT To Do If Injured

This article discusses ten common mistakes people make after being injured in an Illinois auto accident.

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