Quaid Launches New Programed To Prevent Medication Errors

December 9, 2009

Two years after his newborn twins nearly died from a drug overdose, actor Dennis Quaid has launched a new program aimed at preventing medication errors. In 2007, Quaid' 12 day old twins were given a near lethal dose of Heparin, a drug thinner, when a nurse selected the wrong bottles of the drug. The hospital staff was found guilty of medical malpractice and the family was awarded $750,000 in damages a year later.

The National Alert Network for Serious Medication errors was formally announced by Quaid at a conference in Las Vegas earlier this week for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals. The system will send e-mail alerts to an estimated 35,000 healthcare providers, including pharmacists, nurses, and doctors when a serious or potentially serious error occurs in giving medication. A year earlier, The Quaid family launched a campaign for better bottle labeling to prevent similar medication mistakes. The actor has also testified about medication error associated with Heparin on Capital Hill. All of these efforts have been designed to prevent future tragedies caused by avoidable medication errors.

Posted by: Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer Jason M. Kroot of Kroot Law, LLC

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