North Side Woman Files Personal Injury Suit after Horse Bites Finger Off

July 25, 2011

Linda O'Leary has filed a personal-injury lawsuit against the Glenview Park District over an incident that resulted in her losing part of her index finger on her right hand. The incident happened last September as she was taking photos of her grandkids feeding the horses at the Glenview Park District' Wagner Farm when a horse came up to her and bit her hand.

The incident occurred at the 2010 Wagner Farm Harvest bonfire. The victim was attending the bonfire along with her family and two grandchildren. According to the victim, "I was standing away from the crowd so I could get a picture. Suddenly, this horse just came to where I was. I backed up, and he grabbed my hand. He came out of nowhere."

O'Leary was taken away in an ambulance and her brother and sister-in-law were present to look after her two grandchildren after the incident occurred. O'Leary added that she was happy that nothing had happened to her grandchildren and that they were not the ones injured by the horse even though the event was traumatizing for them.

According to O'Leary, who is right-handed, she now struggles with the use of her right hand. "If I want to turn a key in a knob, I can't. It' very hard. I type, I do payroll. You can't touch anything with the finger because the sensation is unbelievable. It' a burning sensation." The injury has left her unable to perform a number of duties that she was once able to perform before the incident occurred.

Chuck Balling, executive director of the Glenview Park District, said he hasn't had a chance to review the lawsuit and that he was unable comment except to add that the horse had not bitten anyone previous to this specific incident. The Chicago personal injury lawyer representing O'Leary is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for the injuries she sustained.

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