About Fractures

October 17, 2007

Fractured bones are often classified as "closed fractures" or "open fractures" and "simple" or "comminuted" (or multi-fragmentary).

Closed fractures occur where the skin remains intact. Open fractures involve wounds that communicate with the fracture and may expose the bone to contamination. Simple fractures are occur along one line, dividing the bone into two pieces. Comminuted or multi-fragmentary fractures occur when the bone splits into multiple pieces. A simple, closed fracture is considered easier to treat and carries a better prognosis than an open, contaminated fracture.

Fractures frequently occur during the course of a serious auto accident, fall, or other traumatic event. They are usually diagnosed by x-ray. A qualified health professional will discuss the treatment options for a fracture which may or may not involve surgery. The prognosis depends on a variety of factors including the nature and extent of the fracture.

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